5 Lead Generation Trends in 2021

Lead Generation

All that hard work to gather warm leads that aren’t just random potential buyers. It takes strategy and diligence to grab their attention, provide value, and prove that your brand will solve their pain points. Generating high-quality leads is the mainstay of a good B2B marketing plan. So, establishing a robust pipeline is imperative to ensure your business maintains a steady growth rate. Businesses are always looking for exciting and innovative ways to generate quality leads. In order to generate qualified leads, you need to offer up quality content. Give those top-of-funnel leads something that’ll educate, entertain, inform, or inspire, and soon you’ll be overwhelmed with too many leads.

And now let’s take a deep dive into the top 4 lead generation marketing trends of 2021:

1. Hyper-personalized outreach with buyer intent data

B2B marketing is equipped to identify and attract qualified leads. Sales procure specific insights needed to tailor messaging to different decision-makers with different priorities. For instance, you might consider creating a personalized sales video that mentions how your business can help grow, or you might host a demo addressing specific challenges the prospects face.

2. Conquer with Automation

Automation streamlines your lead generation process and takes your efforts to altogether new heights. Automating the steps and workflows in the lead generation process allows you to connect with targeted prospects. It saves a significant amount of time that can be leveraged to find and interact with potential prospects. Sales teams need to leverage automation for tasks that can be easily automated. They spend more time on high-value tasks: listening intently to their prospects, identifying their pain points, and working together to resolve their business challenges. Machine learning and AI have made automation more human and effective.

3. Optimize your website to promote lead magnets

To generate more high-quality leads, make sure your website visitors can easily find your lead magnets. Develop and design on-site funnels that segment your audience and drive them towards the lead magnets most likely to resonate with your prospect’s pain points and interests. You can do this by promoting your lead magnets around the website.

  • By highlighting it as the primary homepage call to action (CTA)
  • By promoting relevant lead magnets at the end of blogs and other pages
  • By using a lead generation pop-up
  • By creating a resource library filled with gated content

4.  Target top-of-the Funnel Keywords

In order to attract targeted prospects and drive them towards your lead magnets, create a plan to target the terms they’re more likely to look for. Keyword research helps discover words and phrases your ideal prospects search for at the top of the purchase funnel. Then, target those keywords in the following way:

  • Create content that can be optimized for the target terminology
  • Develop a blog strategy around the target keywords and phrases
  • Target terms in pay-per-click marketing for better online visibility

Follow best practices for SEO to further your chances of ranking up on page one. The more visible you’re in search, the more interest and traffic you’ll generate from potential leads.

5. Target with Account-based Marketing

ABM concentrates on a set of target accounts- this strategy for growth strategy focuses on classifying best-fit leads and customizing personalized campaigns for specific accounts. The bottom line is ABM delivers results. It focuses sales and marketing resources on a set of target accounts and high-value customers. Research has shown correlations with a great return on investment. Personalized content translates into increased engagements resulting in high ROI.

Wrapping Up

So are you ready to take the big lead? There are different ways to generate leads, including more tried and trusted methods. You can always host a webinar, offer a free ebook download, or buy ads on social media. However, converting leads into customers and creating effective and valuable content are central peaks that every marketer has to climb. One thing’s for sure, generating high-quality leads takes the cake. Lead generation marketing trends come and go. Your ability to go with the flow, innovate, update and continually work to optimize experiences thoughtfully is what will keep you in the lead!

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