Lead Gen Strategy in The Post-Pandemic B2B Space

B2B Space

The world is looking towards a future amidst Covid-19, and B2B marketers are making moves to anticipate and adapt to a newer landscape. With businesses being affected by the pandemic, the process of lead generation in this unfamiliar climate has become more critical than ever. An integral part of lead generation involves identifying your target market while also getting your sales funnel in line to engage visitors who are most likely to buy from you. Lead generation keeps companies from wasting money and resources on strategies like cold calling or emailing to favor well-thought-of, more strategic, and streamlined approaches. Strategic approaches like content marketing, email marketing, and social media campaigns may get you more high-convertible leads. Most businesses realize the importance of lead generation and allocate their marketing budgets accordingly. With the chaos that the pandemic has caused, B2B marketers have been forced to adapt their lead generation strategy to winning sales ahead of their competitors.

Let’s explore how sales and marketing funnels may be best optimized:

1. The Importance of Understanding Your Customers

Successful marketers know what and when their customers want and the most effective way of making their services available. While most businesses like to believe that they are customer-centric, few agree with this self-assessment. Bridging this gap in understanding between their business and their customers has proven evidently more challenging in 2021 following the pandemic

2. Changing Mindsets

Although the disruption caused by the COVID-19 still consumes many countries, we’re beginning to see some emerging trends in customers’ behavior across the globe. People are increasingly shifting to digital platforms to cater to their daily needs. Therefore, marketers need to adapt accordingly and ensure a better user experience.

3. Re-Evaluate Your Existing Content

The rise of working from home is definitely offering more opportunities for consumers to consume more content. This means that it’s worth revising your online presence to accommodate a new consumer mindset in the industry. And now’s an ideal time to alter your layouts and landing pages to suit your new consumers better.

4. Ramp Up Your Remarketing

It’s observed that around 75% of online shoppers leave your website without making a purchase. With pandemic generating an increased volume of online browsing, now is an ideal time to remarket to your website abandoners alongside previous page visitors to get them back to your site. Alongside website visitors, you can also generate new leads and sales by testing your levels of engagement with a custom audience, allowing you to target users who have engaged actively with your content.

Wrapping Up

What really matters is how relevant you are. The more relevant you are, the better levels of engagement and, subsequently, better returns. Also, it’s worth segmenting your audience to ensure the best results. The pandemic may be a disruptive event that caused chaos for a wide range of industries worldwide. Still, with shifting consumer mindsets comes a fresh opportunity for marketers to generate new conversions and revise their approach to retention. This brave new market is likely to present more businesses with the chance to win more customers and work towards creating more value-based, insightful content to educate and satisfy consumers with an increasing level of consciousness. 

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